Digital Thermometer


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Digital Thermometer

Used for the treatment of Covid-19

  • Non-contact Infrared thermometer
  • Brand may vary depending on availability
  • Easy to use
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Standard digital thermometer


These thermometers are fast and accurate, providing temperature readings quickly and accurately. It's been tested for speed and accuracy and can be used for children or adults. 

The steel tip can be placed in a number of places to get an accurate temperature reading, including via oral, rectal or under the arm. The tip is flexible to ensure comfort and the thermometer is easy to use.

It has a large LCD display so you'll see the reading quickly and easily, and the thermometer can be stored simply too.

Non-contact digital thermometer


These Digital Thermometers are a non-contact way to accurately read yours (or someone you're caring for) temperature. They measure within a range from 32.0℃~42.9℃ and the maximum allowable error is ±0.3℃ (ambient temperature10~40℃).

They have a CR 2032 battery type and the power consumption is ≤30mW. The battery lifespan is 2500 times, which means you won't need to worry about replacing it all the time.

The thermometers are easy to use, offer an accurate reading and are helpful in times when you need to know if you have a fever (such as during outbreaks or the flu or coronavirus).


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