Colgate Duraphat


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Colgate Duraphat

Used for the treatment of Mouth Care

  • Provides clinically proven anti-caries benefits
  • Easy to use as part of your routine
  • High fluoride
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Colgate Duraphat fluoride toothpaste is a prescription-only toothpaste for the prevention of dental caries in adults. It is prescribed particularly to patients with a high risk from caries. Colgate Duraphat contains fluoride as a sodium salt. It belongs to a group of medicines known as caries preventing agents.

Sodium fluoride, when applied topically after tooth eruption reduces caries by inhibiting demineralization and promoting remineralization of the surface of the tooth. Fluoride is effective on both the tooth enamel and exposed dentine.

There is a clinically-proven relationship, which is dose-dependent, between the fluoride level in a daily toothpaste and the degree of clinical anti-caries efficacy.

The longer the duration of topical fluoride application, the greater the anti-caries benefits. Clinical studies have shown the efficacy of Colgate Duraphat for at home use.

The main benefit of using Colgate Duraphat is the protection it provides against the occurrence of dental caries in adults over the age of 18. It effectively prevents formation caries when used on a regular basis.

Duraphat Toothpaste is to be used by persons who are aged 18 and above. Use Colgate Duraphat according to the instructions of your dentist or doctor. If you have doubts about the proper use of this product, ask your dentist.

Use Colgate Duraphat 3 times a day for brushing your teeth, doing the following steps:

  • Apply a 2 cm toothpaste ribbon onto your toothbrush each time you brush your teeth. Two cm ribbon of toothpaste is equivalent to between 3 mg and 5 mg of fluoride.
  • Brush your teeth after every meal.
  • Brush your teeth vertically from your gum to the tip of your teeth.
  • If there is excess foam, spit it out. Do not swallow.

Brush your teeth for approximately 3 minutes.

if you forget to use Colgate Duraphat, use as soon as you remember. Do not use a double dose to make up for the missed dose. Continue your usual treatment after the next meal.

Apply 2 cm toothpaste ribbon onto your toothbrush, which is equivalent to 3 mg to 5 mg of fluoride. Do this three times a day, after each meal.

Duraphat Toothpaste, like other medicines, can cause some unwanted side effects, although not everyone who uses the toothpaste gets them.

In very rare cases, people treated with Colgate Duraphat have allergic reactions. The symptoms of an allergic reaction include rash, swelling itching, and redness.

Some people who used the product reported a burning oral sensation.

If you experience any other side effects that are associated with your use of this product, talk to your dentist, doctor, or pharmacist.

Do not use Colgate Duraphat if you are allergic to sodium fluoride or any of the other ingredients of this product.

Take special care with this product. Duraphat toothpaste has a high fluoride content. Avoid fluoride tablets, chewing gum, drops, varnishes, gels, and fluoride water or salt when using Colgate Duraphat. Your dentist must assess your total intake of fluoride to prevent fluoride accumulation.

If you swallowed a large amount of this toothpaste by accident, and you experience digestive problems, report to your doctor immediately as you may require treatment for those problems.

Duraphat contains menthol, which if ingested accidentally at excessive amounts may cause convulsions, particularly in children.

You may experience stained teeth or speckled appearance of the tooth enamel if you constantly swallow too much toothpaste over months or years.

Fluoridated salt or water should be avoided during the use of Colgate Duraphat. Food and drink, when taken after brushing may inhibit the mineralization of your teeth. Always brush your teeth with Colgate Duraphat toothpaste after your meals.

The effects of using Duraphat during pregnancy and breastfeeding is not established. If you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding your infant, ask first your doctor, dentist, or pharmacist before you use this toothpaste.

No interactions with Colgate Duraphat and other medicines are currently known. Share with your doctor or dentist a list of all medications you are taking, including those without prescriptions.

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