Durex Intense - 12 Condoms


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Durex Intense - 12 Condoms

Used for the treatment of Condoms

  • Has added stimulating gel
  • Increases pleasure
  • Dotted and ribbed
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Durex Intense are designed with orgasm in mind, as they are dotted and ribbed for her pleasure. Based on the idea that good sex for her means good sex for him, the added texture adds more pleasure and increases the chances of both of you reaching the big O together.

Not only do these condoms make sex more intense with the dots and ribs, but they are also generously dosed with gels to add cooling, warming and tingling sensations to make sex better than ever for both him and her. They are also mint flavoured which adds some fun to oral sex.

While Durex Intense are firmly focused on making sex mind-blowing, they also do the job of adding security and protection against pregnancy, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, as they are over 99% effective (when used properly).

Durex Intense are a standard size at 195mm long and 56mm wide, however they have added dots and ribs from base to tip. This ensures that every movement is felt and intensified. The addition of stimulating gels only adds to this effect and the mint flavouring of the condom itself makes oral sex better too.

This can not only make sex for her more pleasurable, but can also make the experience as a whole, more pleasurable for him too. Durex Intense also have an easy-on shape for a better and more comfortable fit.

Durex Intense have been electronically tested so even though they are all about the orgasm, they also keep you safe from pregnancy and STI’s too, without worrying about them breaking easily.

Always read the instruction leaflet enclosed, especially when using condoms for anal or oral sex. To put the condom on, start by tearing open the foil packet and making sure that you have it the right way up (it should look like a little hat with the roll of the seam on the outside).

Pinch the tip, as not doing so could get air trapped inside and could result in breakage, then place the condom on the tip of the penis. Roll it down the shaft until it’s all the way on and then you’re good to go.

After having sex, hold the condom at the base so that it doesn’t come off as you pull out of your partner. Roll it off (taking care not to do this too quickly) and then dispose of the condom in a bin. Do not flush them down the toilet.

You should use a new condom every time you have sex, including if you are using them on sex toys.

Before using condoms, make sure that they are in date. Because of the material they are made of, they do expire so it’s important to check this beforehand. You should also take care to make sure they are not damaged or torn in any way as this could decrease their effectiveness at protecting against pregnancy and STI’s.

Be aware that some people are allergic to latex and so if you or your partner experience this then discontinue use straight away and explore other non-latex options.

You can use lubricants with condoms and most Durex ones are safe to use together, however you should always check beforehand as some lubricants can damage the latex.

If you are having sex underwater or in the shower then be sure to put the condom on before you get in. Keep in mind that some oils, perfumes and other bath products can damage the latex so you may not be completely protected if you are using any of these.

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