Durex Intense Gel


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Durex Intense Gel

Used for the treatment of Lubricants & Gels

  • Warming, cooling and tingling
  • Heightens sensitivity
  • Increases her pleasure
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Durex Intense Gel is a stimulating lubricant, designed specifically to give a heightened sexual experience and a higher chance of achieving orgasm. Just a few drops of this gel will provide waves of warming, cooling and tingling sensations to increase sensitivity and pleasure.

80% of women who used Durex Intense Gel achieved the big O and you get up to 20 earth-shattering experiences in just one bottle.

It’s important to practise safe sex and so you’ll be pleased to know that Durex Intense Gel has been manufactured to be compatible with all Durex condoms. When using the two together, you don’t need to worry about breakages and you can pair this lubricant with the matching Durex Intense condoms for an even more incredible experience.

Despite its association, lubricant is not exclusively for use by those who suffer from vaginal dryness. Lubricant can make sex more pleasurable for both him and her, as it decreases friction, makes everything more slippery and can increase sensitivity.

It makes sex more pleasurable for her, and it also makes sex better for him too as the decrease in friction means that the head of the penis is being treated more delicately.

Lubricant is also a necessity when it comes to anal sex, as you are not assisted by a woman’s natural lubrication to the same degree. It can also add a fun element to oral sex if you opt for a flavoured gel, and can generally make the whole experience more intense and enjoyable.

Although it’s not exclusively for this, lube does work wonders for women who don’t naturally produce a lot of lubrication. This may be because a woman is older or post-menopausal but it could also fluctuate during her cycle and you may find that you need to use lube more at certain times of the month than at others.

Start by removing the bottle cap and then turn the head by a quarter of a turn. Pump a few drops out and then gently massage it onto the desired areas. Begin with just 2-3 drops to start off with; you can always use more as required.

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