Opioid Policy


PillDoctor™ Policy in relation to our Opioid Pain Killers

Pain Killing medicines that contain opiates such as Codeine, Dihydrocodeine, tramadol, Co-codamol and Co-dydramol can become addictive if used incorrectly either intentionally or unintentionally. Pill Doctor puts patient safety as it’s number 1 priority when prescribing such medicines.

  1. A patient will only be allowed to order one form of pain relief medication at any one time. If a patient needs to take a combination of different classes of pain killer, then they would be best having a face to face consultation with their own GP.
  2. Prescriptions for these types of medicines will only be issued on the basis of a detailed consultation. Orders with minimal information will be rejected or the doctor will call to request more information, delaying your order.
  3. Dosage instructions for these medicines will vary depending on your condition, however the prescribing doctors will follow recommended guidance in the British National Formulary (BNF) when issuing your prescription. It is recommended that you read the dosage instructions associated with your product before purchase.
  4. If we become aware a patient has ordered similar medicines from PillDoctor as well as other online providers, we will refuse future requests for a consultation. Our software is designed to control regularity of ordering of these medicines and to identify similar accounts to prevent duplicate purchasing.
  5. Customers are expected to use their own card to pay for medicines. Our verification checks require correct information to be entered at all times for a successful transaction.
  6. The prescribing doctors will take extra care when prescribing pain relief for persons under 25 years old, as it is unusual for persons of this age to require this level of pain relief. Repeat orders may be rejected for this age group.
  7. Pill Doctor strongly advises patients to agree to allow the consultation to be shared with their own GP. If they do so an e-mail or letter detailing the prescribed medicine and consultation will be forwarded to their NHS GP.
  8. Patients must not order on another person’s behalf. In order to pass our security verification, the patient themselves is required to input information to allow it to be checked against national databases for proof of age and identity.