Otex Express Combi Pack


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Otex Express Combi Pack

Used for the treatment of Ear Care

  • Drops are clinically proven to break down earwax
  • Syringe cleanses the ear canal
  • Pack includes drops and syringe
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Otex Express Combi Pack combines the power of drops and a syringe to effectively remove and clear ear wax. The drops are designed to actively break down hardened ear wax, to help it disperse and to relieve any build-ups, prevent any associated discomfort and help you to hear clearly. The easy-to-use syringe cleanses the ear gently and flushes any wax away.

Otex Express ear drops have an advanced dual-action formula, clinically proven to break down hard earwax and gently release oxygen to help it disperse. The formula is clinically proven and fast-acting. Meanwhile, the syringe is easy-to-use and adds another layer of cleansing to the process.

Earwax is produced inside your ear to protect the important parts that aid in hearing and balance. While this normally comes out of your ears on its own, sometimes it can build up and can actually make your hearing sound foggy and can even cause discomfort in the ear. 

When looking to remove it, a lot of people turn to cotton buds (or similar) but inserting anything into your ear canal puts you at risk of hurting or damaging what is a fairly delicate structure in your body. Otex Express Combi Pack works gently and so you get the clear ears without the risk.

Start by tilting your head sideways with your ear facing upwards. Gently dispense up to 5 drops into the ear, taking care to avoid the dropper actually touching the ear. Leave for a few minutes while the drops work their way in, and then wipe any excess with a tissue.

Repeat once or twice a day for up to 4 days or until you notice an improvement.

After using the ear drops for 3 to 4 days, cleanse the ear canal of any remaining drops or wax with the syringe. Fill the bulb syringe with warm water and gently position the nozzle into the opening of the ear (taking care not to push it too far in). Gently begin squeezing the bulb so that the warm water cleanses the ear canal, and then allow it to run out of the ear and into a wash basin.

Before using this product, check that it is not damaged or broken. Do not store above 25 degrees celsius and keep out of reach of children. Discard the product 4 weeks after opening and do not use it after the ‘use by’ date shown. 

Do not use this product if:

  • You have a history of ear problems (unless advised by a medical professional)
  • You are putting anything else in the ear (like other ear drops or a hearing aid)
  • Your eardrum is damaged
  • You suffer from dizziness
  • There is anything else wrong with your ear (pain, infection, swelling, etc)
  • You have had your ear syringed in the last 2 to 3 days

If the problem still persists after using this product or if any pain or irritation occurs then consult a doctor.

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