Colief Infant Drops 7ml


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Colief Infant Drops 7ml

Used for the treatment of Children & Babies

  • Clinically proven to reduce crying
  • Can be used in breast milk or formula
  • Safe from birth
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Colief Infant Drops are used to reduce the number of hours that your baby spends crying. They are clinically proven and safe to use from birth.

Colief Infant Drops contain lactase enzymes, which work to reduce the lactose content in a baby’s body. Given that some experts think that colic (which is when a baby cries excessively) is caused by a reaction or intolerance to lactose, this can help to reduce symptoms and keep your baby from crying as much.

Babies suffer from colic a lot and not only is it distressing to see your baby cry but it’s also disruptive for the parent and can cause additional stress and worry. Calming and soothing your baby with Colief Infant Drops is not only safe (even all the way from birth) but it’s also clinically proven.

You can use Colief Infant Drops in either breastmilk or formula and it works best in warm milk (the drops contain an enzyme which is destroyed by heat so don’t make the milk too hot).

For breastfeeding, express a few tablespoons of breast milk into a sterilised container and add 4 drops of Colief Infant Drops. Give this to your baby by serving it on a sterilised spoon, and then breastfeed as normal.

For formula, prepare it as normal (as per the instructions) and then add 4 drops of Colief Infant Drops, ensuring the formula is not too hot. Wait 30 minutes, shaking occasionally, and then feed the baby as normal. Discard any unused formula afterwards.

By 4 months old, your baby’s digestive system should have developed sufficiently to digest their feeds properly and you can start to wean them off the Colief drops by halving the number per feed and then halving again and then removing completely.

Do not use this product if it is damaged or broken and always follow the correct usage instructions.

When you first start using Colief Infant Drops, you may notice a change in your baby’s stool pattern (looser and more frequent). This is usually nothing to worry about, however you may wish to reduce the number of drops used per feed. If you have any concerns though, you should consult a doctor.

You should contact a doctor immediately if you notice any bad side effects or signs of an allergic reaction.

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