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Used for the treatment of Weight Loss

  • New weight loss medication
  • Helps to weight loss.
  • Effect over a longer period of time.
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What Is Contrave?

Contrave is the same product as Mysimba however in the UK it is called mysimba and in the US it is called Contrave. Contrave is a new weight loss medication that has been developed by Orexigen Therapeutics in the US. The Contrave diet pill affects how the brain and central nervous system regulate appetite, food cravings, energy expenditure and, in turn, body weight.

How Does Contrave Work?

The new slimming agent works by combining two different active substances. It will create a synergy effect that will make the drug more effective than other means of weight control.
The active substances in Contrave are already known by EMA and are used in other contexts. The drug comes in tablet form and releases substances in a prolonged process, so you can experience the effect over a longer period of time. 

How to take Contrave

Initially 1 tablet daily for 7 days, then increased to 1 tablet twice daily for 7 days, then increased to 3 tablets daily in divided doses for 7 days, two tablets to be taken in the morning, and one tablet to be taken in the evening, then maintenance 2 tablets twice daily, review treatment after 16 weeks and then annually.

What are the Side Effects of Contrave?

As with all medications, some side effects were noted. Here are the most common side effects:

● Anxiety

● Insomnia

● Headache

● Restlessness

● Dizziness

● Concentration disturbance

● Palpitations

● Hot flush

● Nausea

● Constipation

● Muscular pain

It should be noted that most patients did not get any side effects but all side effects should be reported to the prescribing doctor in case it is appropriate to recommend cessation of treatment. Blood pressure should be monitored regularly while undergoing treatment with Contrave.

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