TENA Pants Super - Medium - 12 pants


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TENA Pants Super - Medium - 12 pants

Used for the treatment of Incontinence

  • Channels moisture away from the body
  • Neutralises odour
  • Designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness
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TENA Pants are disposable, soft pants with a comfortable fit that offer triple protection from leaks, odour and moisture. The Unique Dual Absorption Zone offers optimum dryness and the integrated leakage barriers add additional security. The Odour Neutraliser also reduces the effect of ammonia.

TENA Pants have a range of innovative features that help to offer maximum protection against symptoms of incontinence. The Unique Dual Absorption Zone is formed when worn, so that the pants efficiently channel moisture away from the body.

TENA Pants are designed with integrated leakage barriers to provide additional security and comfort, while the Odour Neutraliser (in the core of the pants) reduces the effect of ammonia and keeps you feeling fresh and confident.

Incontinence leakages can leave you feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious about smells or damp patches. So that incontinence doesn’t have to take over your life, TENA Pants offer security in a discreet and comfortable way.

They come in a wide range of absorbency levels and sizes to suit everyone, and the pants are made from stretchy, soft and breathable material to make them as comfortable as can be.

This product is suitable for both men and women. You should select the size and absorbency that is best suited to you. 

TENA Pants have coloured waist back threads to help you to easily identify the back and front of the product to ease with putting them on.

Once you have them the right way round, simply pull the pants on normally and then dispose of them either after they feel fully absorbed or when you are next set to change your underwear (whichever comes first).

Before using this product, check that it is not damaged or broken. If a problem occurs then discontinue use.

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